Valuable Information Shared at “Grange Gathering”

Folks who attended our March 14 event at the Live Oak Grange walked away with lots of good information related to manufactured home living. Supervisor Zach Friend stopped by to meet homeowners and learn more about our issues. Directing Attorney for Senior Citizens Legal Services, Creighton Mendivil, spoke briefly and fielded questions. Dave Reid, aide to Supervisor John Leopold, also spoke. He talked about affordable housing and how manufactured homes represent a significant portion of that housing. He noted that there are over 5800 spaces for homes in parks throughout the county. Attorney David Loop talked about the MRL (Mobilehome Residency Law). Attendees learned how to use the Homeowners Exemption to save up to $70 in property taxes each year. There was also lots of information available, such as the Senior Services Network 2015 Handbook and the booklet for manufactured home buyers put out by Senator Bill Monnings office. Five people were lucky enough to have their names drawn, and take home a large print edition of the 2015 MRL. Overall, it was a valuable, worthwhile event!

Meeting/Information-Sharing Event at Live Oak Grange – March 14th

                        Live Oak Grange           Saturday March 14          10:00 – 12:00
The Santa Cruz County Manufactured/Mobile Homeowners Association is holding its annual Grange Gathering meeting/event. District 2 Supervisor, Zach Friend, will stop by to meet county homeowners from 10:00 – 10:30. The SCCMMHA Community Meeting will begin at 10:30, followed by information sharing at various tables throughout the hall. There will be information on the MRL (the Mobilehome Residency Law), rent control, Senior Legal Services, GSMOL, and more. Learn how you can save up to $70/year on your property tax. Please mark your calendar, and join your fellow manufactured homeowners in learning more about this valuable source of affordable housing in Santa Cruz County. For more information, call John at 831-476-7066.

March 14 Community Meeting and Annual “Grange Gathering”

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend our March 14 Community Meeting and annual “Grange Gathering.” Meeting begins at 10:00 followed by a social hour where you can enjoy snacks, talk with knowledgeable manufactured homeowners, and visit tables disseminating information that will hopefully be helpful to you. More information will be posted soon. Save the date!

New Site for January 10 Community Meeting

Our next Community Meeting will be held at Shoreline Mobile Estates in the Main Clubhouse on Merrill St. (between 14th and 17th Avenues) at 10:00.  GSMOL Zone VP, Craig Hull will be attending and presiding over the reactivation of several GSMOL chapters. Please join us.

Visit by GSMOL President, Jean Crowder

On September 20 GSMOL (Golden State Manufactured Home-Owners League) President, Jean Crowder, visited Santa Cruz. She attended SCCMMHA’s Community Meeting and then was welcomed with a luncheon hosted by SCCMMHA at Shoreline Estates. Jean spoke at both events and happily answered questions. She talked about the need to grow the membership in GSMOL so it can help meet the needs of manufactured homeowners throughout the state. Jean is committed to keeping GSMOL viable. It is our HOA (Home-Owners Association) at the state level. It employs a lobbyist in Sacramento to represent our interests and help protect the investment we have in our homes. She reminded us that GSMOL is a grassroots, volunteer organization. Volunteer Jean lives in the Central Valley and still works part-time. If you’re not a GSMOL member, consider becoming one. Membership costs less than a dime a day, in fact it’s a mere 7 cents per day. You can find a link to the GSMOL website by clicking the “Useful Resources” button on this page.