SC City Former MHP Rent Control Symposium March 9

Rent Control Symposium Poster


 1 to 5 PM Saturday, March 9 at the De Anza Clubhouse,
2395 Delaware Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA

Doors open 12:30*
Shuttle Service from Delaware Avenue parking
and Route 3 Bus Stop to the Clubhouse.

Two ~2 hour sessions. The first delves into what happened here in 2003-4, the second on how to hopefully prevent this from happening anywhere else. Panelists speak 5 minutes each, followed by Q&A.

Panel 1: What Happened

Ed Porter, former Santa Cruz City Council member, single dissenting vote on Rent Control repeal
Mike Rotkin,
former five-time Santa Cruz City Council Mayor
Phil Crawford, Local Attorney, advocate for Clearview Court homeowners
Mardi Brick, Manufactured Home Commission member, SCCMMHA founder
Don Payne, De Anza resident
Christine Beck, De Anza former resident

Panel 2: What To Do

Micah Posner, Current Santa Cruz City Council member
Ishbel Dickens, National Manufactured Home Owners Association Executive Director
Tim Sheahan, NMHOA At-Large Board member, immediate past GSMOL President
Bruce Stanton, San Jose Attorney, GSMOL Corporate Counsel
Rick Halterman, Golden State Manufactured-home Owners League Regional Manager

Henry Cleveland, Moderator, Chairman Santa Cruz County Mobile and Manufactured Home Commission

Event Schedule:
12:30. Doors open.
1:05. We convene with a welcome.
1:10. Moderator provides event structure and guidelines.
1:15. Panel 1 introductions.
1:20. Panelists five minutes each opening remarks.
2:00. One hour Question and Answer period.
3:00. Fifteen minute break.
3:15. Panel 2 introductions.
3:20. Panelists five minutes each opening remarks.
4:00. One hour Question and Answer period.
5:00. We close with a thank you.
5:05. Participants may stay for informal discussions until 6 PM.

*NOTE: ARRIVE EARLY! Clubhouse Shuttle Service starts at 12:30 PM.

Symposium Poster PDF

PDF Summary of Public Records Request:
City of
Santa Cruz Ordinances

PDF Summary of Public Records Request:
City Council Agendas and Special Meetings

Santa Cruz City MHP Rent Control History Documents
1. Click the link above, 2. then click “OK” to open the file, 3. then click on the folder image at the top of the page, 4. then click “Open” to open package contents.
30 documents are in the folder, the result of a City of Santa Cruz Public Records Request on July 30, 2012. The City expedited the request August 9, 2012 with note “The disclosable public records that are responsive to your request are attached.”
Santa Cruz City Former Mobilehome Rent Control Ordinance and History Documentation Request: 1. Santa Cruz City Former Mobilehome Rent Control Ordinance copy. 2. City Council agendas in which the item appears, including, but not limited to, a. When the ordinance was enacted by the City Council, b. When the ordinance was rescinded by the City Council. 3. Supporting documentation discovered.


“Our government shouldn’t make promises we cannot keep – but we must keep the promises we’ve already made.”
– President Barack Obama, State of the Union address 2-12-13


The Symposium is dedicated to Santa Cruz City Police Officers
Loran “Butch” Baker and Elizabeth Butler who gave their last full measure of devotion
to protect our community, our government and our liberty February 26, 2013.