Legislative Update

SB 510 Signed into Law by Governor Brown

September 27, 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill by State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) to prevent lawsuits and give mobile home residents a voice when their mobile home park is being subdivided and sold. To read more, go to the GSMOL website.

Assembly Passes SB 510

The Assembly has passed SB 510 with some Republican support. The bill must now go back to the Senate for concurrence on an amendment made in the Assembly.  The amendment doesn’t significantly affect the content of the bill. Our senator, Bill Monning, supports the bill. SCCMMHA certainly hopes the Senate will pass it and send it on to Governor Brown. Thank you for your support.

SB 510 Vote on June 26 in Assembly Committee of Local Government

This is the committee hearing SB 510 on Wednesday, June 26. Recommending that folks call or fax. Please note that the committee chair is a Republican, and this may be a harder job to move SB 510 out of this committee. I suggest that, when you call, just introduce yourself and the name of your park in Santa Cruz County. If you’re in a senior park, mention it. If you’re a Democrat calling a Democrat or a Republican calling a Republican, mention it. Urge them to vote “yes” on SB 510.

John Mulhern

Assembly Committee on Local Government

Katcho Achadjian (Chair) (R) Office: 916-319-2035 Fax: 916-319-2135
Marc Levine (Vice Chair) (D) Office: 916-319-2010 Fax: 916-319-2110
Luis Alejo (D) Office: 916-319-2030 Fax: 916-319-2130
Steven Bradford (D) Office: 916-319-2062 Fax: 916-319-2162
Richard Gordon (D) Office: 916-319-2024 Fax: 916-319-2124
Melissa Melendez (R) Office: 916-319-2067 Fax: 916-319-2167
Kevin Mullin (D) Office: 916-319-2022 Fax: 916-319-2122
Anthony Rendon (D) Office: 916-319-2063 Fax: 916-319-2163
Marie Waldron (R) Office: 916-319-2075 Fax: 916-319-2175

SB 510 Passes in Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee

SB 510 passed out of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee,    5 votes to 2 on Wednesday, June 19. It will now go to the Local Government Committee which has jurisdiction over the Subdivision Map Act which allows for conversions of condos and manufactured home parks. We will let you know when this committee will be hearing the bill.

SB 510 Vote in Assembly on Wednesday, June 19

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee is hearing SB 510 (Jackson), the bill to protect homeowners from unfair “condo” conversions, aka “forced” conversions. The hearing is this next Wednesday, June 19th at 9:00.

The GSMOL Californian had a good explanation of what this bill will do:

“GSMOL and it allies have been working to fix the broken subdivision map act provision that allows for rental parks to be subdivided and converted to “condos.” Aggressive investors have exploited this process, and forced conversions that do not have the support of the homeowners, often to the detriment of the homeowners’ investments in their homes.

The biggest issue is the survey of support that must be taken of homeowners in a park that is proposed for conversion. That survey is intended to give homeowners some say in the process, and to be used by the local government in determining whether or not to approve the conversion. But park owners have resisted, arguing in numerous cases that the survey has no role in the local government’s decision making. The issue has spawned numerous trial and appellate court cases.”

“SB 510 will seek to clarify the role of the survey of support and ensure that local governments have clear authority to weigh the survey, and turn down a conversion that does not have sufficient support. GSMOL is sponsoring SB 510, supported by local governments and other housing and homeowner groups. To finally bring clarity to this law, and ensure that homeowners are protected.”

All one has to do is call or write the offices of committee members and urge them to support (to vote “aye”) SB 510. Identify yourself and from where you are calling. The staffers won’t ask you specific info about the bill. They’ll just tally your support. Sorry, I don’t have FAX information.

When this bill was in the Senate Committee, before passing to the Assembly, I took less than a half hour to call all the members of the committee. I also wrote a letter to the Committee Chairperson and to Senator Monning. You might want to call or write a letter to our new Assemblyperson, Mark StoneState Capitol,  P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0029, phone 916-319-2029, letting him know you will want him to support this bill. His local office phone is 831-425-1503.

I’m attaching a file with committee members’ information. If you have time, contact them all.  Emails are not considered effective, that’s why I’m not supplying that information. Please help!

Thanks for your efforts. If you can’t open the attachment, please let me know.

John Mulhern

P.S.  This bill is a double-referred bill, which means it will also need to be heard by the Assembly Local Government Committee before it can go to the floor of the Assembly for a vote. This means we will need to put out more effort in the next few weeks if this bill is to pass out of both committees.

April 2013  SB 510 (Jackson) Update

The Senate Transportation & Housing Committee passed out of committee on April 23 and heads to the Senate floor. Seven Democrats supported the bill, more than enough to move the bill forward. This bill deals with “forced condominium conversions” which have affected many non-resident owned park homeowners.

August 2012 California Bill Update


AB 2150 (Atkins): The Mobilehome Residency Law provides critical protections to homeowners, including the right to sell your home in place, protections from rent increases, and a right to privacy, among many others. Knowing your rights as a homeowner is critical to protecting your investment in your home. This bill would mandate that parkowners provide homeowners with a one-page summary of key MRL rights (the “Homeowner Bill of Rights”) and responsibilities each year. Status: Passed Senate Judiciary; Pending on the Senate Floor.  Letter of support to your Senator is needed.

AB 1938 (Williams): This bill would help protect low and moderate income homeowners in manufactured housing communities from unfair or deceptive lease provisions. After taking amendments to respond to opposition, the bill does two things: ensures that homeowners’ existing right to void a long-term lease within the first 72 hours is enforceable; and prohibits pass-throughs to residents of any judgment against the park-owner for violation of the Mobilehome Parks Act. Status: Passed Senate Judiciary; Pending on the Senate Floor.  Letter of support to your Senator is needed.

AB 1797 (Torres): This bill would add some additional reforms to make the Mobilehome Park Resident Ownership Program (MPROP) more useful to homeowners.  MPROP is funded through a fee on certain homeowners. The program was originally designed to aid park residents in purchasing their parks and converting to resident ownership. However, the program is underutilized, leaving money unspent. The bill would allow for technical assistance to homeowners interested in pursing a purchase of their park, and improve some of the terms of the loan to make  purchases more feasible. Status: Passed Senate Appropriations Committee, August 6.  Heading to Senate Floor. Letter of support to your Senator is needed.

AB 579 (Monning) – Allows local governments to recover the cost of attorney fees in abusive litigation aimed at undermining local protections for homeowners. Status: Dead.


SB 149 (Correa): Would require that the annual invoice sent to parkowners for the permit-to-operate fees each year, include a notice indicating that the MRL exists, and where parkowners an obtain a copy of the law. Status: Passed Assembly Housing; Hearing August 8, Assembly Approps.


AB 317 (Calderon): GSMOL had opposed AB 317 because it would have changed the rules regarding rent-controlled homes that are not the homeowner’s primary residence.  As amended in Senate Judiciary, AB 317 eliminated those objectionable provisions, and now simply requires notice to prospective homeowners of how current law limits the application of rent control to vacation homes.  Status: Passed Senate Judiciary Committee in amended form; will be heard on the Senate floor in August.  With a minor amendment to clarify that the bill simply imforms purchaers of existing law, but does not change the law, GSMOL would be neutral on the bill.

 SB 1173 (Wyland) – This bill would allow a parkowner to pass-through the cost of certain local property tax assessments. The bill would pre-empt local rent control provisions governing such pass-through, allowing the cost to passed through to each homeowner on a pro-rata basis. Status: Dead.


SB 2272 (Wagner) – SB 2272 Would make a small change to existing, but seldom used law that allows a parkowner to pursue an injunction rather than an eviction in certain cases where a homeowner is violating park rules. An injunction may be less severe than eviction, since a homeowner will remain in their home. GSMOL is neutral on the bill after the author agreed to a 3-year sunset on the measure, allowing advocates to assess how the law is used. Status: Signed by Governor


Thank you,
Brian Augusta, GSMOL Legislative Advocate

Courtesy Golden State Manufactured-home Owners League. Another reason to join the GSMOL! http://www.gsmol.org