3. Secretary Reports & Minutes

February 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Santa Cruz County Manufactured Mobile Homeowners Association (SCCMMHA)

Meeting Minutes for Saturday, February 11, 2017;  Capitola City Council Chambers

  Meeting called to order by President John Anderson around 10 a.m.

Pledge of Allegiance: Mark Stone, State Assemblyman


  • Welcome to all attending our first General Meeting of 2017
    • Make sure that you have signed in to receive email updates
  • Welcome Special Guest Speaker: Assemblyman Mark Stone
  • Introduce our Board and Reorganization
    • John Anderson, President / Community Liaison / Web Site
    • Clare Sawyer, Treasurer / Mobile Home Park Liaison / Email Notifications
    • Grace Voss, Secretary / Special Guest Speakers

Advisory Council

  • Mardi Brick, Founder
  • Bob Lamonica, Communication Advisor
  • John Mulhern, GSMOL Zone C – Region 10, Associate Manager
  • Candi Walker, GSMOL Zone C – Region 10, Associate Manager
    • GSMOL should be of major concern to all mobile home residents. That is why two of our Board members are dedicated to this responsibility. We are in the middle of a membership drive. The more members that GSMOL has the greater support we can provide to Assemblyman Mark Stone and others, your voices are needed to help shape legislation.

Special guest: State Assemblyman Mark Stone. About 35 plus people were in attendance.

California Overview for 2017, by State Assemblyman Mark Stone

To give park resident complaints more validity, Assemblyman Mark Stone of Santa Cruz County  and his staff are working on legislation that will create a dispute resolution program within the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) to resolve problems related to the MRL, a move that favors park residents over park owners.

The state’s Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) currently investigates health and safety violations, while problems related to rental agreements, utilities, park rules and enforcement, rent increases, miscellaneous fees, and other MRL violations are challenged in court with a private attorney.

Stone also praised fellow assembly member Eloise Gomez Reyes, who was elected last fall to represent District 47 (San Bernardino) saying she is an effective lobbyist for mobilehome park residents. As a lawyer, Reyes provided free legal services to local residents in her district who could not afford them.

Trump Policies?

When asked if residents need to be wary of President Donald Trump and his policies, Stone assured his audience that he did not see any changes to current Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL), but if it did come, he would expect it to favor individual park owners. (The MRL governs both ROP’s and single–owner parks.)

Stone, a tall, athletic (–looking man, spoke on Feb. 11 to the bi–monthly meeting of the Santa Cruz County Mobile and Manufactured Homeowners Assn. (SCCMMHA) at the Capitola City Council chambers. About 35 park people at- tended.

Focus on Affordable Housing

“We are engaged in business as usual, even though things are unstable at the federal level,” said Stone. “We are focusing on poverty and affordable housing,” he said, citing Proposition 63, which provides housing for homeless and mentally ill people. (In the past this funding came from redevelopment agencies.)

Stone encouraged residents of rental parks to seek conversion to status as resident owned parks (ROP’s), although he admitted the high cost of housing on the Central Coast is a problem.

Now in his fourth year of a 12–year term, Stone is chairman of the Assembly’s Judiciary Committee, which reviews legislation on civil practices and procedures. A former vice chairman of the California Coastal Commission, he is responsible for the ban on single use plastic bags, which voters approved last November.

Danger To EPA

Stone reported that the legislature is currently negotiating the state budget, scheduled for approval in June. At the federal level, he feels the US Congress realizes the risk of tearing down The Affordable Care Act without replacing it, as it has benefitted 20 million people. He decried Trump’s defunding The Environmental Protection Agency, saying endangered species will no longer receive protection. Stone said the EPA is “pretty much going away as its current head official, Scott Pruitt, cuts out important regulations. It is run by a climate denier,” adding that California’s emission standards are in danger of being rolled back. One bright spot is Sanctuary Cities. Stone said the federal government is “on weak ground by denying funding to them.”

Letters Are Important

Rep. Mark Stone’s Santa Cruz office is 318B on the third floor of the Santa Cruz County Building, 701 Ocean St. (831-425-1503). He welcomes letters from constituents, saying they are most helpful when he is arguing policy on the floor of the legislature.

A hearing over the need for rent control at Pinto Lake Park in Watsonville will take place at 1 p.m. Feb. 24 on the fifth floor of the county building. The meeting is open to the public. Besides introducing Stone, John Anderson, president, introduced his advisory council: Clare Sawyer, Grace Voss, John Mulhurn, Bob Lamonica and Mardi Brick, founder. The meeting adjourned around noon. —Grace Voss, Secretary

House Keeping:

  • Approval of September 17, 2016 General Meeting Minutes; John Anderson
  • Treasurer’s report; Clare Sawyer
  • Next General Meeting; 4/8/17

    • 420 Capitola Ave, Capitola City Council Chambers

    • 10 am – 11 am

September 17, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Santa Cruz County Manufactured Homeowners Association (SCCMHA)

Meeting Minutes for Saturday, September 17, 2016 Capitola City Council Chambers

About 12 people were in attendance. Special guests: Jean Crowder, GSMOL state president and Esperanza Ross, GSMOL lobbyist. Meeting called to order by President Carole Harris around 10 a.m.

  1. Carole Harris said that Joy Hines will be the new assistant manager for our district.
  2. Pinto Lake Mobilehome Park in Watsonville has 116 new GSMOL chapter members out of 177 total residents.

Its owner has raised the monthly rental and placed a special assessment on members. A mandatory settlement conference has been scheduled. After this conference, a hearing may take place.

The park has contacted Senior Legal Services for help.

3.  The rest of the meeting included an introduction of and talk by Esperanza Ross, who spoke for about 45 minutes about her lobbying efforts on behalf of GSMOL in Sacramento. Ross has owned her own lobbying firm for 15 years and is an expert lobbyist. She was hired in March.

The Legislative Year begins in November, but she has stopped two pieces of legislation from getting out of committee.

  • One is SB34 which will change the status of mobilehome coaches installed in 1980 or earlier so that they will be charged regular property taxes. (They are currently taxed by HCD under DMV rates, which are cheaper than property tax rates.) Thanks to Esperanza, this bill did not get out of committee.
  • The second bill put on hold is AB 2855, which would impose more specifications on non-profit organizations to allow them to have tax exempt status. (Some mobilehome parks are non-profit mutual benefit corporations.)

Besides putting two bad bills for mobilehome park residents on hold, Esperanza wants to provide GSMOL members with a weekly bulletin containing events/happenings in Sacramento. She also wants to set up more meetings with state legislators and GSMOL members. Her philosophy is to look at history for guidance to the future. She has had experience in balancing the power so she wins for her clients.

She wants mobilehome parks to remain affordable and out of the reach of developers. (This may mean reading and changing the language in development projects to state that any new housing will not affect mobilehome parks in the area.) In closing her remarks, Esperanza said her job is to empower her clients.

Carole Harris announced her resignation as president of SCCMHA because she is moving from the area.

Next meeting is Dec. 17. Capitola City Hall

Submitted by Grace Voss, Secretary

March 12, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Santa Cruz County Manufactured Homeowners Association (SCCMHA)Meeting Minutes for Saturday, March 12, 2016, Capitola City Council Chambers

About 16 people were in attendance. Meeting called to order by President Carole Harris around 10 a.m.

Marty Brick shared a letter from National Executive Director of Mobile/Manufactured Homeowners Association Ishvell Dickens, who works with Equity Lifestyles, an organization which advocates for the underserved, especially those who need a loan to purchase a mobilehome. She said California is the only state with a full-time lobbyist in the state legislature, thanks to GSMOL.

Carole reported on the current state-wide status of GSMOL. Two board members and the GSMOL lobbyist Bryan Augusta have resigned effective 2/19/16, with a new lobbyist to be named soon and two directors to be elected by delegates at the GSMOL state convention in April in Sacramento.

Dave Loop reported that GSMOL’s membership has decreased fro 90,000 to about 10,500 members. Non-renewals are due to death or members moving to other forms of housing. Field managers for GSMOL are frequently busy with local park issues at the expense of focusing on recruiting new members. Finances are not rosy as GSMOL is spending more than it is taking in. Lobbyist Augusta had offered to be GSMOL’s executive director at the same salary he earned as a lobbyist, but board did not support his request, so he resigned.

Loop also reported that, as of 1/5/16. Alimur Park in Soquel is now resident–owned. He has written a booklet entitled “Owning Your Own Park 101”.

SB510 blocks condominium conversions in parks with single owner unless majority of residents approve of condo conversion.

Loop reported the GSMOL’s future agenda should focus on a) building membership; b) balancing its budget; c) hiring fulltime lobbyist

Bryan Augusta’s letter was shared with members present.

Carole said she would inquire about receiving regular reports from GSMOL state treasurer. Members approved $50 travel expenses for her to go to the convention.

Member issues: Kay Wood reported problems with management at Yacht Harbor Manor regarding electrical power surge; suggested solution is obtain a surge suppressor. A member of DeAnza Park reported on management’s failure to maintain facilities.

Respectfully submitted: Grace Voss, secretary

June 8, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Santa Cruz County Manufactured/Mobile Homeowners Association
June 8, 2013 Community Meeting Minutes

 1. President Bob Lamonica opened the meeting at 10:00 am.

2. Bob welcomed Greg Hull, Vice President of GSMOL. The Mobile Home Residence Laws came into being because GSMOL hired Lobbyists in Sacramento to get legislation passed for the rights of Manufactured/Mobile homeowners for the past 50 years.  Joining GSMOL will continue the lobbyist efforts in Sacramento as well as help from GSMOL when legal help is needed.

3. Everyone introduced themselves and shared concerns.

4. Barbara Rios spoke to the Tax Overcharges that the County Assessor charged for about six years. She will follow up with other letters to our legislators in Sacramento. This mistake was found by the Board of Equalization and for Barbara it was a $6000.00 mistake. She may take legal action.

5. There was an update on Senate Bill 510 by John Mulhearn.  This bill clarifies the Survey part of a Park Conversion law that was passed six or seven years ago.  All the residents vote yes or no and then the City Council makes the decision whether the conversion will take place due to the results of the survey. The residents will now have a say.  We need to contact Assemblyman Mark Stone and Senator Bill Monning.  Please visit our WEBSITE  www.sccmmha.wordprress.com, and look for legislation. There will be a hearing on June 19th at 9:00 AM.  Everyone should make phone calls to the Assembly Representatives on the Housing and Community Development Committee or send them a faxed letter.  We have from 6000 to 10,000 mobile homes in Santa Cruz County and that is a lot of power!!

6. Park Owner Equity Lifestyles that owns De Anza in our county has a lawsuit happening with the residents of Contempo Mobile Home Park in San Rafael, Marin County.  The results will be reported at our next meeting.

7. We will be planning for a GSMOL Road Show in 2014.  The focus will be on the Mobile Home Residency Law. Two attorneys Bruce Stanton and Henry Heater will be conducting the workshop. We have to determine a place and a date.

8. We need to work on park outreach.  There are so many parks that do not have Homeowners Associations or active GSMOL chapters. What can we do next— make a brochure, develop a phone tree.  With a brochure, we could take them to parks without an HOA or GSMOL Chapter.  We now have 104 people on our e-mail list.

Our next meeting will be on August 10, at 10:00 AM at the Capitola City Council Chambers.

Carole Harris